The Caribbean People International Collective, Inc. (CPIC) was founded in 1995 by Ms. Dawn C. Fraser-Stewart, Founder/CEO. We began as a grass root effort under the auspices of the Brethren Methodist Church, to meet the health needs of our fellow Caribbean brothers and sisters with children who were living in the Caribbean with many simple correctable birth defects and other forms of disabilities.

Having a premature child of her own who suffered multiple medical complications Dawn reached out to assist bringing children to the United States for medical treatment and returning them to their homeland. CPIC was incorporated in 2002 when Dawn saw the need to extend her medical assistance far beyond the children program. She learned five years ago about the devastating effects, the HIV/AIDS epidemic was having on her native Guyana and the Caribbean. She quickly extended a hand in helping to bring awareness to this epidemic.

It is our promise to make a lasting impact for all Caribbean Immigrants and all that is good and purposeful in the United States of America, Guyana and the Caribbean. To protect and enrich our legacy of struggle and freedom by working to promote healthy lifestyles amongst persons of Caribbean descent and Caribbean-American in a dignified, culturally based atmosphere where all those involved may benefit from knowledge, and life skills, providing all an opportunity to maintain a totally healthy life style.