Establishment of a scholarship fund for persons of Caribbean descent, other minorities, and in that connection to solicit funds to hold meetings, seminars and gatherings for better realization of that purpose.

Provide culturally based assistance and supportive services to adult unemployed and unemployed person of Caribbean descent, particularly those from economically disadvantage areas of New York in order to increase their self-sufficiency, maximize job opportunities and reduce unemployment in New York area.

Foster cultural based education; assist in the conducting of research in areas which will increase understanding of interpersonal relationships; to encourage means for extending awareness, counseling and leadership and other activities which will further the development of effective interpersonal relationships beneficial to the community at large.

Establishment of culturally based support centers for persons of Caribbean descent affected or infected by the HIV/AIDS virus, in order to assist them in the functioning as a whole with the disease. To utilize the facilities of the corporation for wholesome recreational activities for the community members, to further the education, support and character building development of the children of parents infected or affected by HIV/AIDS virus.

Recommend and assist in getting culturally based counseling services for unwed mothers and their children in order to assist them in functioning as a single parent family and to utilize the facilities of the corporation for whole some recreational activities for it's members and their children.