CPIC Annual Scholarship Gala

The CPIC Annual Scholarship Fund is designed to provide scholarships for students of Caribbean descent in the metropolitan New York communities. CPIC recognizes and rewards outstanding Caribbean high school seniors in these communities. Eligible students are required to write an essay on a chosen theme relating to HIV/AIDS.

Additionally, two awards are presented to Caribbean families (one in the United States, and the other in the Caribbean) affected or infected with HIV. In 2002, five deserving students and two families received awards. Thus far in 2003, seven students and two families have received scholarship awards.

Scholarship/ Mentoring

  • Encourage as many youths as possible to apply for the scholarships.
  • Promote scholarship program in Caribbean and other minority organizations, churches, schools and youth organizations.
  • Promote mentoring program in Caribbean, minority organizations, churches, schools, and youth organizations.
  • Encourage College students to enlist as mentors for community service credit.
  • Collaborate with Academic Professional Consulting Inc., and Family Renaissance to implement the mentoring program.