Youth Summit

Caribbean People International Collective Inc., (CPIC) have convened the Caribbean-American Youth Summit on HIV and AIDS at the Campus of Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York. This dialogue is necessary because CPIC believes the youth of the Caribbean are in jeopardy.

Millions of young people through out the world are at risk of unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and sexual violence. They are often the victims of ignorance, of poor services, of misunderstandings about their needs, their rights and roles; but most of all they are victims of apathy.

The purpose of the Caribbean Youth Summit is to bring together youth leaders from our school community, to provide a non-traditional format of human growth and development education and to prepare for activities for Awareness programs.

Why have a summit?

Why a Caribbean-American Youth Summit on healthy lifestyles?

Currently, the rates of HIV infections in Caribbean are the highest out side that of Africa, Secondly the Caribbean population in the United States are involved in frequent movement and relationships between the Caribbean and the US. Thirdly, the ages of the newly infected range from twenty through thirty years therefore, it is extremely important to empower young adults with the skills necessary to make healthy decisions.

The Summit will provide young people with knowledge, skills and opportunities to participate in decision-making at the local level and help to develop an agenda for regional level discussion.

Summit Objectives

The objectives of the Summit include:

  • Empowerment & capacity building of Caribbean-American Youth to participate in providing solutions to their problems & strengthen their efforts & involvement in the decision making process on issues that affect/concern them.
  • Improvement of Caribbean-American Youth technical skills, knowledge & understanding, Quality Health status, Public awareness of the Caribbean-American member countries, enabling them to compete favorably with other Youth in the world.
  • Sensitizing Caribbean-American Youth on the negative image associated with various problems confronting them.
  • Promotion of the advocacy on government & other stakeholders toward enhancement of good policy formulation & implementation in favor of the Youth to improve the well-being & livelihood of Caribbean-American Youth.
  • Find panacea to the spread of HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse, Unemployment, Hunger & Malnutrition, violence, reproductive health problems etc. among Caribbean-American Youth
  • Young Adults between the ages of twelve and twenty-five will attend summit, which consist of workgroups on living with HIV/AIDS, abstinence, STD transmission, decision making, and peer pressure.
  • Over 350 youth will receive information that will help them to experience healthy lifestyles.